Research + Development

Starting August 2013, a new company, Hales Water Turbines Ltd will start the construction of a specially designed water flow testing and demonstration tank at a factory unit on the Brookway Business Park, Hastings, England.

At the same time, several test and demonstration units of the Venturi Ducted Hales Turbine will be manufactured in stainless steel so that performance testing and full torque loading can be conducted in-house. The water flow test tank will then be used to demonstrate the turbines with varying output applications such as electrical generation, irrigation and reverse osmosis pressure pumping etc. This will be for the benefit of potential customers in operation.

The water flow test tank will also be used for possible MCS certification trials, needed for the UK's FIT scheme. These zero head operating turbines can be operated in run of river or zero head applications in the UK and overseas.

The water test tank can also be callibrated to provide environmentaly sound methods of testing the Hales Turbine system as fish friendly and pollution free in operation. The test tank may be modified to allow primary wave action testing in a safe environment to any marine energy developers. Schools and other education groups would also be welcomed.

Hales Water Turbines Ltd and Hales Energy make use of a motorboat berthed at Eastbourne Marina in order to conduct trials into the marine corrosion and electrolysis effects on the completely stainless steel turbine units, together with environmentally benign forms of marine growth prevention that can greatly effect tidal stream turbines.

We intend to offer the Hales Turbine units in three sizes for micro-generation, either as a bare unit or as a complete package ready for installation.


We have linked up with the Faculty of Engineering, Kingston University, London, one of the top engineering university faculties in the UK to forward the development and testing of the Hales Turbine design.

Talks are under way with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with Kingston University, London and Hales Water Turbines Ltd for a possible research link up into Low Velocity water flow generation. This, after Hales Turbines Ltd gave a well received presentation on the subject at the Asian Clean Energy Summit held in Singapore during October 2014.

Hales Water Turbines Ltd has a stand at the ECO Technology 2015 Show being held at the AMEX Stadium, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex on 11th and 12th June 2015.